Jon and Lloyd began Vortex Aeromedia after witnessing first-hand the complications of trying to deliver an effective media product with personnel unfamiliar with the aviation environment.
Jon has over two decades of aviation experience. His career flying helicopters began in Search and Rescue and finished flying surveillance missions in the Middle East. Involved with the media from the start of his career, he has taken part in several production projects, both in the air and on the ground. He is now a flying instructor on fixed-wing aircraft and has been fortunate enough to fly a variety of aircraft types, about which he writes for aerospace publications, including regular contributions to Vertical magazine.
Jon has a passion for both aviation and motion picture, having flown and filmed everything from paragliders and aerobatic light aircraft to military fast jets and helicopters.
Lloyd’s professional photography career began after he discovered a talent for capturing high-speed motorsports, and combined it with his passion for aviation. These skills allow him to capture stunning aerial images and video from cramped cockpits and cabins, in situations that offer no second chances for the shot. Once back on the ground, he is able to put his years of experience in social media management to work ensuring that the messages are clear, and the audience carefully targeted.
Lloyd also has extensive experience working with air arms and OEMs all over the world. He prides himself on his ability to integrate with aircrews; safely and reliably delivering beautiful images of their teams at work.
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